Fall is just around the corner, which means it’s prime time to enjoy pumpkin-spiced everything. If you’re looking to get in on the action, you might find yourself with a half-empty dough bowl. While you could toss it and start over, there are plenty of ways to dress your dough bowl up for fall instead!

Here are 5 Ways To Style A Dough Bowl For Fall.

1. Dye It.

One of the best ways to add colour to your dough bowl is by dyeing it. Whether you start with a utensil kit or stain-dye a bat, it will provide a pop of colour that can be of all ages, all seasons. Check with your local yard and home improvement store to find out which dyes are safe for plants, wood, and skin alike!

2. Wear It!

Another way to accessorize your dough bowl is through accessories. For example, you can add a straw or a pom-pom to make your dough bowl look like a hat. You can even add a felt nose or even animal ears and tail!

3. Stick It To It.

If you’re already feeling crafty, why not use your dough bowl as the base for some DIY decor? For example, you can paint it with chalkboard paint or glue on some yarn to make it look like a sweet little curtain!

4. Get It Tattooed.

Depending on where you live, getting your dough bowl tattooed might be super easy or totally off limits! Even if you can’t get it tattooed, you could always get it pierced with a few stitches in a pretty colour to tie the season together.

5. Accessorize It.

Finally, you can always add some accessories to your dough bowl as a more straightforward way of styling it for fall. While you can stick to the basics, you could also add a fall-themed pin or maybe even some ribbon!

Now that you know how to style your dough bowl for fall, you can experiment with ideas to customize your dough bowl! Whether you go with one of the five ideas wholly or above, make up your own, I hope you enjoy the season just as much as I do!