Wall decors are a must. They make the room brighter and more lively. It’s not that hard to decorate a wall. Today, you can find tons of wall decorations on the market. They are affordable and easy to get. To make it easier for you, here are 8 wall decorations that can brighten any room or space.

1. Heritage Round Wall Art

Are you into vintage and classic decor? This wall art has to be on your wall. This features intricate patterns. One that can attract anyone’s attention. The wooden frame also adds appeal to the piece.

2. Adele Metal Wall Art

This wall art can give shine and shimmer to your plain white wall. The circles are made of metal with either silver, bronze, or gold finish. You can arrange these circles horizontally or vertically.

3. Juliette Mirror

This mirror can instantly transform your room into a magical place. It’s a three-panel mirror adorned with splashes of gold dust. Each mirror has a dramatic black frame. This matches well with rustic or boho interiors.

4. Take Flight Wall Art

This wall art can give life to your room. The birds in the art greatly mimic those in the wild. The birds in this art look like it’s moving. It’s hiding a lot of mysteries. It’s indeed intriguing.

5. Metal Spiral Wall Decor

This wall decor is hypnotizing in literal ways. Look at it. Doesn’t it take away your focus and attention? It’s like once you look at it closely there’s no returning to your world. It’s very captivating.

6. Beatrice Owl Art

This is for Harry Potter fans or for those who adore the goddess of wisdom Athena. Owls symbolize wisdom. The owl in this art is also printed on two different canvasses. This makes it big enough to be able to be seen.

7. Dog Tail Hooks

If you truly love your fur babies, you better get this one. These wall decors are also functional. They are hooks where you can hang your dog’s leashes. They are in the color brown so they go perfectly with a white wall.

8. Simon Wall Clock

If you want to have a wall decor might as well get one that also serves a purpose like a wall clock. This wall decor is a clock to tell you the time. It’s not like typical clocks because first of all, the time is in Roman numerals.