If you are on the lookout for ideal cookware to match your elegant kitchen, Caraway has the solution.

1. Mini Fry Pan (Cream)

This fry pan by Caraway is another way to enjoy cooking without worrying about harmful chemicals finding their way into your food. It has a non-toxic ceramic coating which makes it easy to clean. Features include a stainless steel handle, an aluminum core, and non-stick quality, and it is also usable with an oven up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Minis Duo (Cream)

If you want to add another cookware to your collection but worry about space, this duo mini fry pan is the perfect pair to order. Features a non-toxic ceramic coating, non-stick, and light. What this cookware boast is that it does not leach any toxic materials while you cook, so you are sure to enjoy healthy food.

3. Mini Sauce Pan

A fast and swift cooking of simple sauce to pair with the meal you organize, this mini saucepan will be your perfect ally in the kitchen. It is not only used for sauce, but also for cooking small portions of food or heating soups. What is more surprising is its easy maintenance as it does not require scrubbing. You won’t see any food sticking with this slick and non-stick pan. It will also require less oil, or avoid using any if you prefer.

4. Sauté Pan (Cream)

This Sauté Pan includes a lid, plus coated with a non-toxic ceramic coating. You need not worry about food sticking as it is of non-stick quality, which makes it easy to clean. Healthy cooking is crucial not just for you but for your family’s health, so this product is worth the money you will spend.

5. Whistling Tea Kettle (Cream)

It is another cookware to add to your collection. A whistling tea kettle that is not just modern but with a classy finish. Perfect for meticulous people who constantly look for a product that will not be harmful to health. This product is of non-toxic materials, so you have clean and toxic-free water, as a result.

6. Dutch Oven (Cream)

This medium-sized oven pot is perfect for making stews and other concoctions as long as it will fit inside this material. Another healthy cooking you will enjoy as it has a non-toxic ceramic coating plus the non-stick quality of this pot is something that will lessen your worries about food sticking after. Cleaning is likewise enjoyable and will not require too much effort.

7. Muffin Pan

This 12-cup muffin pan is what you need to match your other cookware set. It is the ideal cookware when you need to bake some muffins to match any meal. Features a non-toxic ceramic coating, non-stick, and even heat distribution, plus the color nicely goes with any theme you prefer with your kitchen setup.