Brittanny Platform Bed by Harriet Bee is the epitome of modern-chic comfort at an affordable price. It features a sleek, urban design with gently curved sides and a high headboard that creates a roomy, open feel. This bed has everything you are looking for in the bedroom — style, sophistication, and comfort all wrapped up into one stylish package!

Features of Brittanny Platform Bed by Harriet Bee

1. Sleek design

Its modern design with gently curved sides and a high headboard creates an open feel in your bedroom. The headboard features a wire-mesh design that can be fully customized from the base up – from a simple metal frame to a layered metal construction.

2. Sleek steel construction

Brittanny Platform Bed by Harriet Bee is constructed out of top-of-the-line steel components to offer you the most solid, long-lasting support imaginable. The woven steel base has four bars with an integrated foot board that measures at 19″ in length to create the perfect balance between support and comfort.

3. Construction

This bed is constructed with high-quality, latex foam for maximum comfort. The mattress forms the foundation of the bed that consists of an inner spring and an outer perimeter pillow top.

4. Comfort

To ensure this bed remains comfortable and supportive, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. This includes making sure that all parts are properly tightened to ensure that this bed stays in place without wobbling or moving around. The head board should be placed at a 45-degree angle to prevent pressure points on your head or neck while using this platform bed. As a final step, we recommend placing soft pillows under your legs or arms while sleeping since this can create the most comfortable sleeping surface possible.

5. Convenient storage

The Brittanny Platform Bed by Harriet Bee conveniently includes a storage drawer underneath the mattress that is large enough to store additional pillows, sheets, blankets, and other essential bedroom decor. This way you can keep your bedroom looking tidy and organized while making sure you have a perfect place to store your bedding extras right at hand whenever you need them.