Not all beds are created equal, and as someone who spends an average of 8 hours of your day sleeping, you should never compromise on the quality of your bed just because it comes at an expensive price tag. If you’re looking to change up your sleeping situation or have just moved into a new place, here are some of the best types of beds that you should try at least once in your life time.

1. The Bed Frame - Twin in Birch

Many people think that the bed frame is only for first time home owners. Well, you’re wrong! Even if you have a king size bed at your home, bring it to your dorm room and attach it to the top of your bunk bed frame. It not only looks cool but is also very convenient when you want to place a mattress directly on top of the frame.

2. Underbed Storage Add-On

Think your furniture is already bulky enough with your bed and mattress alone? Try adding a bed with under the bed storage. You can hide your clothes here, use it as a duffel bag, or even keep all your study materials together. It’s also very convenient when you want to make room for another thing in your room.

3. Bed Frame Expansion Kit

Have you noticed that every time you moved into another flat, they’re always adding bunk beds and that there’s a minimum of two? Well, it is because people are aware of the importance of having a good bed set up. With this expansion kit, you can have the ability to add another bed and give your room more space.

4. Birch Two Seater Sofa

Birch is one of the most popular wood types, and you should definitely bring it into use in your room. It looks cool and also provides you with a sense of coziness. If you’re planning to take your bedroom to the next level, this kind of bed is for you since it can be used both as a sofa or as a bed if you want to.

5. Upholstered 2-Seater

This product is for those who are more particular about their comfort. If you don’t want your bed to just serve as a place where you sleep, we recommend that you get this one. With this kind of product, your room can go from being a place for sleeping only to a living space in general.

6. Birch 3-Seater

If you’re planning to buy a sofa, then you should definitely consider the one with a bed. You can use the bed as storage or separate it and attach it to another bunk bed if you want to. For your home, this is an awesome option since it can be used as storage space, duffel bag or even a coffee table.